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PGPClick is a Windows program which provides easy access to the DOS-based encryption program, Pretty Good Privacy (PGP).

PGP provides extremely secure public key-based encryption and decryption.  However, PGP is a DOS-based program that uses a distinctly non-user friendly command line interface.  PGPClick takes care of running PGP from within the Microsoft Windows environment.

PGPClick integrates with any Windows program that can copy text to and from the Windows clipboard, allowing encryption and decryption of text.  This is particularly useful for protecting email communications, as well as providing digital signature functions for email and newsgroup submissions.

In addition to clipboard processing, PGPClick can also encrypt and decrypt disk files using Windows standard drag-and-drop.  Under Windows 95 and Windows NT, PGPClick can be used to add PGP functionality to the context menu for files within Windows Explorer.

NOTE: PGPClick does not perform any encryption functions itself, but runs PGP to perform the actual encryption and decryption.

Obtaining PGP and PGPClick

Installing PGP and PGPClick

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Obtaining PGPClick  |  Installing PGPClick  |  Hints and Tips
New Features in Version 3.0  |  My PGP Public Key  |  E-mail Me

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